Out With The Old

Out With The Old

An orientation of originality - The best of contemporary furniture

It’s a new year and so we give you the typical ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ proverb but don’t be fooled by this. When it comes to furnishing your home, we don’t want the emphasis placed on popular mainstream demand, determined by a décor style that is typically ‘In’ – contemporary maybe, but perhaps not distinctive or sophisticated enough to imbue your personal taste.

So instead, we claim that ‘decoration is really about the quality of life, not what’s in and what’s out’ and place the emphasis on the quality and durability of our furniture – providing you and your home with a retrospective and timeless element that ultimately meets the contemporary elements too. If a piece is timeless, how does it seize to be ‘in’? This is where our products bring Contemporary and Retrospective décor to a unique and original partnership.

Therefore, our take on Contemporary, Modern and Retro designer furniture is precisely that. We depart from the conventional categorisation of contemporary furniture, modern furniture and retro furnishings by merging the ideas together and providing you with an array of sophisticated and timeless furniture pieces selected entirely on the quality of the product because we believe that any product that is created with precision and dedication as its primary focus, will ultimately outrun any bed, sofa, dining table, bedside
table, wardrobe, desk , lamp etc., made specifically to satisfy the current demand of design and style.

And so, we give you our ethos… An Orientation of Originality and leave you with an eloquent quote by Charles Eames -

'The details are not the details; they MAKE the design'.


17 Jan 2013